Position: Founder/Presedent

TDFA’s Founder & CEO, Sheneli Dona.

Sheneli established The Dona Faith Alliance in 2018 and is the heart of the values, mission and vision of TDFA.

Outside of TDFA she is also a task force member of the United Nations inter-agency network working on youth and gender equality, and currently studying a duel degree in a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Global Studies, She was also a former Girl Rising Regional Ambassador and GVN Youth Ambassador.

Sheneli has been heavily involved in the empowerment of youth and women throughout her roles and is considered an influential young leader in the humanitarian and philanthropic affairs. Her efforts have been recognized by prominent individuals including President Macron of France, HRH Princess Mary of Denmark, members of the United Nations, Australian diplomats, amongst others.


Position: Vice Presedent / Treasurer

TDFA’s Vice President & Treasurer, Director of Operations, Mark Silva

Mark is originally from the UK and has extensive experience in the health care industry. He specialises in the purchasing and acquisition of facilities and commissioning and running of successful health care homes. He is particularly experienced in corporate risk management, budgeting, asset management and growth and development of brands in their market.

Mark was also a keen and avid cricketer in his youth and played representative levels as a semi professional in the UK.

Migrating to Australia, Mark worked in the corporate world before returning to Healthcare. He was responsible for advising the CEO’s of notable Health Care companies regarding pricing structure and market growth for his site.

His passion lies within improving the lives of others and optimising their quality of life. He takes great pride in leading teams and ensuring the best outcomes are always achieved.

This extensive and varied experience head Mark to the human rights field and enabled him to have a greater understanding of the needs of others and what support mechanisms are required to assist these vulnerable groups.


Position: Commitee Member / Directory of Strategy

TDFA’a Director of Strategy & Partnerships, Stathis Anagnostou.

Stathis brings significant and vast experiences to the board of The Dona Faith Alliance.

He specialises in business development, investment and strategy; and is currently the Vice President of Southern Star Shipping Co. and a Board Advisor to Flour Mills of Nigeria.

Previously, Stathis was an advisor to the President’s office of the World Bank Group in his capacity as a finance professional.

He was also significantly involved in the partnerships between the World Bank and the United Nations, as well as the financial strategy for teams dealing with North America, Australia, New Zealand and Israel, internal communications and corporate outreach.

Stathis is incredibly passionate about promoting, protecting and enforcing human rights, particularly in empowering youth to deliver in decision-making and leadership.


Position: Commitee Member / Directory of Marketing

TDFA’a Director of Marketing, Michelle Rebeka Silva.

Michelle Silva is also a mother of 3 young children. Previously, she briefly studied nursing and was heavily involved in the healthcare sector to pursue her passion in assisting the community with their healthcare needs. Michelle was instrumental in support functions to established GP clinics and assisted management in ensuring that patient outcomes were reached as well as organisational deliverables.

This meticulous approach and passion to assisting the community ultimately led Michelle beyond the healthcare sector. She obtained a renewed focus on charitable works, with the fulfillment of most projects during her academia. Michelle also has a passion for marketing presence and media management, and responsible for overseeing projects from start to implementation.

Her compassion and affection towards others ultimately led to utilising her skills within the human rights sector.

Michelle is extremely passionate about the well being and empowerment of women.


Position: Executive Assistant / Secretary

TDFA’a Secretary & Executive Assistant, Nicole Aways.

Nicole is a university student obtaining her bachelor degree in Social Work. She has gained field experience thus far, in mental health and child protection. Her recognition for equality was flourished throughout her youth, developing as interest in preventing and advocating issues surrounding women, human trafficking and child soldiers.

Her determination and empathetic nature, has led her to connect with different people with different life circumstances. This has further encouraged her to pursue social justice in belief that positive change brings positive impact into the lives of others.

Nicole has an immerse passion in human rights and intends to show this passion throughout her mission with The Dona Faith Alliance through her desire in writing and her social work values.


Position: IT Support Officer

Trevjon (TJ) is responsible for overseeing IT management and system performance for The Dona Faith Alliance.


Position: Project Officer

Haytham has joined The Dona Faith Alliance and taken the position of Project Officer to identify problem areas, and work with the Board of Directors to develop projects. He will also be overlooking current projects and collecting data from volunteers working on these projects to identify the success rate of projects.

Haytham is currently in his fourth year studying a double-degree in Law and Global Studies, a degree which is helping him understand the role that laws play in identifying and working towards eradicating issues, as well as understanding problems throughout the world that need to be addressed. His interest in human rights and justice has flourished since a young age, and he plans on using his passion within The Dona Faith Alliance.


Position: Project Officer

Joanna is a high school student that is passionate about human rights. She has a immense interest in commerce and visual arts and aims to use her interests and skills while serving The Dona Faith Alliance as a Project Officer. She looks forward to completing the organisation’s projects collaboratively and respectfully, in support of vulnerable communities.

Joanna’s assertiveness in promoting human rights in demonstrated through her academia and charitable experiences. She values youth empowerment and women’s rights. She hopes to bring a positive change into the world by receiving the opportunity to bring a voice to the voiceless.

As a youth herself, Joanna is keen to share her youthful outlook and valuable ideas with The Dona Faith Alliance.


Position: IT Support Officer

He is also currently a soccer player for the AC Milan Academy in Australia. He has a great passion for football and has been playing for 9 years. Due to his significant experience, Chris is passionate about empowering young people through sporting activities. He believes that sports provide a significant platform for youth to portray their personalities and strengths, and sports as a form of therapy. Chris hopes to eventually support marginalised youth and vulnerable groups by distributing appropriate training facilities, resources and provide them with the skills and ambition to accomplish their sporting careers or their self-confidence. He is also significantly competent in IT related areas, and is intrigued on how technology can be used to amplify human rights issues.


Position: Event Coordinator

Fredric is the event coordinator at The Dona Faith Alliance.

He is currently doing his fourth year of Psychology – Honours, sub majoring in Child and Community at Western Sydney University. He describes his greatest passions to include supporting others, helping children overcome childhood problems and ensuring individuals are not isolated within communities. Fredric also indicates passion towards learning about human psychology and acquiring knowledge about the methods people use to make inferences of the world.

Fredric describes his hope for his future to revolve working in the field of adult or child psychology, to make a positive impact on people, communities and the youth. He believes human rights is of great importance and should be enforced where appropriate.