About us

The Dona Faith Alliance Inc. was established in 2018 by Miss Sheneli Dona as a not-for-profit organisation and our key objective is to promote, protect and enforce human rights.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Educate society of human rights and existing human rights violations
  • Promote and enforce the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and other international obligations and treaties
  • Advocate, protect and empower vulnerable groups
  • Promote localisation

We embrace a pivotal focus on empowering and educating youth to become optimistic leaders in human rights and innovations.


We are dedicated to mentoring individuals with vital skills and resources in areas of personal development and entrepreneurship.

Human Rights Enforcement And Advocacy

We are dedicated to educating society on breaches of human rights. We strive to enforce and advocate solutions to address these issues.

Iniatives For Youth

We are dedicated to empowering youth to lead in decision making and social entrepreneurship through innovative projects and workshops.

Utilisation Of Our Network

We are dedicated to creating vital partnerships and collaborations for the purpose of our objectives, using our extensive network to assist in implementation.